Health & Fitness.

This blog chronicles tid-bits of information and experience I want to share as I explore various avenues of health and fitness. My interest fitness began in 1994 when I started training for, and ran my first marathon. That evolved into moderately competitive running which led me down the path to competitive cycling (yo – I took it seriously!).

The desire to eat healthy (or what I thought was healthy) naturally became a lifestyle counterpart. What I found, and am continuing to find is that when I am truly healthy – I am truly happy.

The gift is not in achieving the goal itself, it is in the quest.



Nowadays I am in total non-compete mode. And it is very nice.

I am an English Teacher turned stay at home mom to a lovely and very determined baby girl. I live with her and her daddy, my hubby, in Finland. I moved here from California just over four years ago. You may wonder why…

There is usually a bigger plan behind what you see in front of your eyes.

Today I am using my past experience and knowledge, coupled with the inspiration and information available in the blog-o-sphere to shed thirty pounds I gained from pregnancy. The transformation IS underway .

And I look forward to see what this journey reveals…


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