Update : photo progress!

Hi gals and guys!

This is hard for me to do since I have always kept a very private front on the internet and in “real life”.

Like I said, I am working on sharing – so here goes. Here is a sequence of photos from where I started and where I am now. Actually my journey started about three months before the first photo was taken. After I my pregnancy I continued to gain weight. It was a product of careless emotional eating. The demands of raising a little girl and growing our little family were hardcore to say the least. Our daughter was born with two heart defects and I didn’t realize then, but I do now, how different my introduction to parenting was compared to most new mothers. And I admit, I made myself feel better with food. My esteem was so very low that I refused to take photos. I was an inflated 155 lbs – maybe more. With some hard work and dedication we have the following:

Transformation progress pic!

With that said, my original goal was to reach 55.0 kilos by the end of this month. I am currently 57.2 kilos. Likely I won’t reach 55.0 kilos in a few weeks because my goals have changed. My focus is now on building muscle and losing fat. It’s about BEING STRONG – not skinny. So from this point forward the weight loss may or may not be slower. Anyways – I have so much to share…so much further to go.

Have a great day !!!

Until next time!



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