My plate now! Cheat meal – July 3, 2013!

And the long awaited day has arrived.

Before I get into what I ate during my cheat (meal) day, I would like to point out that I am really enjoying this lifestyle change (I really do not like the word diet) because the food I am eating is really good. I look forward to each and every meal. Not only that but my hunger is under control and I stop eating when I am full. Really. It was not like this before. I really owe this to meal-planning. Nonetheless structured eating at a deficit DOES get hard – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Cheat meals offer a mental break and a host of other benefits to eating consistently in a calorie deficit.

My cheats have evolved. They first started out as cheat days (way too much), then became cheat meals (not quite enough) – now they are cheat meals plus a treat or two during the day.

How do I choose what to eat during my cheat days? It’s basically what I feel like eating. Some people tend to think that this would be things like pizza, hamburgers, nachos…not anymore.

Highly processed foods (pizza, hamburgers, and nachos – for example) really wreck havoc on my digestive system. I feel so awful after eating them that I just do not want them anymore.

I almost always save my cheat meals for dinner time.

Here are my cheats for today!

In addition to my dinner cheat, I had a treat with my morning iso rasvaton latte (large fat free latte)…four fine and yummy truffles!

Iso rasvaton kahvi and truffles!

These truffles were so absolutely yummy – and worth every calorie and gram of sugar. Sugar is one of those things that my body has also began to revolt against – so I only have it in small amounts. It’s primarily for sensory satisfaction these days!

Wow !has my relationship with food changed…for the better!

I continued to eat my regular, healthy meals throughout the day. However rather than have my regular afternoon snack, I met my friend for a cup of coffee at the EMMA and have a “puolukka-kaura valipala” (cranberry oatmeal snack). The ingredient list was small and simple! Cranberries, oatmeal, soy yogurt and soy milk.


Then dinner time came and I picked up one of my favorite foods – sushi! Sushi is healthy and clean by design but what made it a cheat for me was the white rice. Lots of it. It was worth each and every bite.


Cause I was still a teensy bit hungry I followed sushi by eating one of my favorite foods.  1 c. fat free greek yogurt + 2 sliced strawberries + 1/2 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder + 1 T of peanut butter!!! I added this because I wanted something sweet and something that would keep me full. Whey protein powder does an excellent job of keeping me satiated. Definitely a “Top 10” of my fat loss tool kit.


Until next time remember this…

Life is hard.





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