My nutritional pillars – fat loss and muscle gain.

Nutritional pillars – for (my) fat loss and muscle gain.


I put (my) because this is what is working for me. It may or may not work for you. 🙂

Since I am sharing a lot about food, recipes, and health here; I thought it would only be sensible if I share with you the parameters of my current nutritional philosophy. I emphasize current because like with all things in life, things are subject to change as goals become defined and redefined.

My nutritional pillars are geared towards fat loss and muscle gain. I know – it sounds oxymoronish – so I will rephrase – …towards leaning out. 🙂

– calorie deficit: eat less energy than my body expends each day
– foods: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whey protein and low-fat dairy
– low-moderate calorie load: 150 kCAL – 350 kCAL per meal
– eat frequently: 7 times a day
– emphasis on getting in more protein
– clean eating : eating foods as close to their natural state as possible with little to minimal processing (i.e. grilled chicken breast  cooked at home vs McDonald’s chicken nuggets)
– gluten free
– sugar free
– higher protein, moderate carb, low fat
– water: drink almost a gallon of water per day
– supplements:  whey protein, green tea extract, multi-vitamins, vitamins B and C, magnesium

Those are what I would consider the main points. Of course there are many other items that come into play. The great news is that it is working. The first week was not so easy – it took time for my body to adjust. This week has been a lot better and I attribute that to acclimation and a few tweaks that have been made.

Exercise regime:

Monday: Lower body strength/weights + 20 minutes cardio
Tuesday: Upper body strength/weights + 20 minutes cardio
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Lower body strength/weights + 20 minutes cardio
Friday: Upper body strength/weights + 20 minutes cardio
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Optional light/moderate cardio

All this with a big shot commitment, self motivation, confidence and follow through.

Today I felt like sharing – opening up a bit. Seems like a lot of people keep their dietary and exercise regimes under wraps for whatever reason. One of my personal goals is to open up more – to the world – to you – to feel life even more than I do now…this is the first step.

This is my program.

With an open heart,



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