Keep going.

And then there are the days that are just plain hard…


Where the road really tests your wit, your will and patience.

Patience is one of the most challenging lessons on my curriculum.

After an amazing  workout on Monday evening – I crashed on burned Tuesday afternoon. My body felt weak and my heart rate was way too low. I kept trucking through for a while – trying to will my way through – when almost an hour into it – I admitted to myself that my body needed the rest whether I liked it or not. I left out my cardio and headed home.

Even though my body had sent me home packing – the thought of quitting never entered my mind. I realized that I needed to heed the messages my vessel was telling me.

“Some days you hit it, and some days you just don’t…does that mean you give up? NEVER.”

Those were the words that I heard.

Those are the words I heed.

Sealed with strength,


Oh and as a post-script – one realization that has been gracing my days is…

Without a destination, there is no journey…


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