Goal setting – a way to reprogram your life.

God sent me a message the other day.

I believe very strongly that the universe is always sending us messages in a variety of forms – to urge us along – to guide us – to help us – and even to warn us. The question is – are we open to listening and are we tuned in?

On Thursday morning – before one AMAZING and POWERFUL leg workout – I parked my car in the gym lot and as soon as I got out – I saw this glaring message staring right at me.


A powerful feeling rushed through me and I knew – that this message was for me. Loud and clear. It was saying – “Ginger – set some goals! Your goals will guide you – they will empower you – and they will enhance your journey!”.  As with most of those on the weight loss journey, I do have goals – and up until this point they have been centered on “kilos/pounds” lost. This morning – I took goal setting to a new level.

I have decided that from this SUNDAY forward – each and every Sunday I take the time to sit down and evaluate my previous week and set new goals for the upcoming week. The focus will not only be on health and fitness – but also on other aspects of life that I would like to improve on. 

Here is what I decided to set as my goals for this week:

• Wait 2.5 hours between meals. (2 hours has been my average. I realized that this is only because of habit. Breaking a habit and creating a new behavior takes about three weeks.)
• Eat only 1/2 Quest bar per day. (I have an addiction to these yummy, high protein, satiating bars.)
• Eliminate grazing.
• Blog three times per week.

They may seem obscure to you but they mean a LOT towards the progress of my self-directed reprogramming…

Something AMAZING happens when you set goals – intend on them – and write them down….the Universe works as your co-conspirator to make it happen.

After all You are the creator of Your experience – one key to do this successfully is to reprogram Yourself. Re-write your inner code. Re-design Your inner world and watch Your outer world re-catapult itself. An easy way to reprogram Your experience is to set goals (and do what it takes to get there).


Anyways – weekly goal setting is a big step forward to changing my life.

Re-wiring. Re-structuring Re-designing.

Any step is a big step. Remember that.

It feels empowering to make these moves.

Do you want to change the program that you are living in? If so – set some new goals for yourself and take the steps to achieve them.



What’s that gooey oozy yummy apple cinnamon smell coming from my kitchen?


OH! Yummy! It must be the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal that will grace my breakfast table for the next week!

I love this meal plan!


Until next time…



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