Change what you eat and change your life.


You know – I did not really realize it until I started doing it…one really good way to evaluate your habits and your behaviors (and even why you do things) is to follow a third party objectively designed meal plan. Objectivity is so important my friends. Having a third party design one for you that is suited for your goals is one of the best investments you can make if you are serious about health and fitness.

Up until the start of June 2013, I was able to lose just over 10 Kilos (22.2 lbs.) by myself. Eating clean and counting calories were key elements. Even though the DIY method worked really well I reached a point where I felt like I was floundering – I literally felt like I was going no where – I hadn’t reached a plateau yet but I was sure it was coming. The calorie counting began to drive me stir crazy. And honestly – I was getting bored. It was time to change things. I made a proactive decision to find someone to help me design a meal plan.

Come in Jenny Grothe of Jen-Fit. I started a meal plan designed by her this past Monday and so far I am loving it –feeling and seeing results. By seeing – I mean – I look in the mirror and I can SEE a difference. And I LOVE what I see. The reason I hired her to do this for me is that my goals have changed from “weight loss” to “getting lean and mean” (i.e. losing fat and gaining muscle). With her meal plan I am eating seven small meals a day and around 170 grams of protein. I have also changed my workout routine to include 4 days of weight training with moderate cardio included.

Looking in the mirror and liking (rather than detesting) what I see is great and all….but the bigger gift – is how great I feel. How much MORE I am enjoying this so called Life. Life is changing on so many levels besides the physical I cannot even begin to express my gratitude.

I will be honest here too – it’s not necessarily easy. It takes discipline, dedication and focus.The ability and willingness to stay strong through the downs. How badly do you want it?

Do you feel stuck in reaching your weight loss goals? Do you feel stuck in general? Change what you eat and how you eat it and your life will change…. I promise. Make good changes – changes that are good for your body and it will change for the better. And vice versa :-)!

Food is directly connected to our consciousness. How you see the world is largely influenced by what you eat. Is that concept really that far-fetched? Think about it.

– Ginger


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