The Cleanest Food in the European Union

The AWARD for the cleanest food in the European Union goes to…


Any clue on where this may be?

There is so much talk about clean foods, whole foods, and real foods…

When I moved from the United States to Finland, four years ago, I was worried about whether or not I would find clean foods. Foods in the purest form – sans pesticides and chemicals.

There isn’t Whole Foods here…so something must be wrong…right?


This morning I woke up to read some AMAZING WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!

The European Food Safety Agency has determined that Finns consume the purest food in the European Union.”

According the the findings about 72 percent of Finnish food products contain no traces of pesticides, compared to about 50 percent in the entire EU.”

Of course the purest and best foods are still organic…nonetheless…


As peculiar as this country may be – as non-sensical the common sense is around here – as long as the winters may be…

I am so happy to be living here.

Go where the road takes you – follow your heart. You may not know where the destination is or what it may hold…just keep on going. You won’t be disappointed.



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