Homegrown Supergreens.

What’s better than nutrient packed delicious sprouts?

How about homegrown, fresh, and living sprouts eaten raw? Raw simply means no cooking. Just raw – as is – the real deal.


Alfalfa, broccoli and mung beans…yummy!

Thanks to my husband (the Bestest man in the world) and his home aquaponics system – we have fresh, live sprouts!


Living foods are among the best natural medicines for the human body. They taste good too.

Live foods rock.

Why raw, live foods?

The benefits are endless…

Rawfoods are easy to digest, and they provide the maximum amount of energy with minimal bodily effort. Studies have shown that living foods have healing powers that can alleviate many illnesses such as low energy, allergies, digestive disorders, weak immune system, high cholesterol, candida, obesity and weight problems (weight normalization), etc.” – HappyCow

Did you know that eating a raw living foods diet can also help you live longer?

Five years ago when I was eating mostly (75%) raw, living foods was when I was the most energetic, healthiest, positive and leanest I had ever been. You think you know what feeling good is like? Try becoming a “raw-foodist”…the lifestyle takes feeling good to another level.

Here are some simple ways to add the raw food zing to your food! Every little baby step counts!

On top of salad…


On top of soup…


Or just “as-is”…

Try adding more life to your life by eating living foods!



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