Celebrating with Tomato Soup

Another crisp, clear and cold evening at home. Is Spring ever going to show its beautiful face? It’s March and we received fresh snow fall this afternoon. You know, rather than look for something that is not here yet; I am going to celebrate this moment and enjoy the peaceful vibe that fills the air. It’s beautiful out there. It’s beautiful in here.


Celebrate how?

A simple celebration with a simple dinner.

How about a cup of tea and a bowl of tomato soup?

The other day I examined my grocery bag and realized my favorite boxed soup has unwanted ingredients (sugar and aroma) in it. Bummer.  So that day I made a promise that I would make my own soup. And today – I fulfilled that promise.

And it feels good.

I looked for a recipe that was simple, healthy and easy.

(Souper Simple) Tomato Soup.

Honey – does it taste good and feel good? YES!

Never underestimate the healing powers of warm food in cold seasons.

Topped the soup with a spoonful of hemp seeds, half an avocado and some homegrown supergreens

Poured myself a cup of  tea (one bag of detox tea + one bag of green tea)…

And we have the perfect dinner for this perfect evening.

Enjoy the moment. Celebrate the now. It is all that we have.



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