Bye Bye Baby Weight!

It’s finally happening and you know what it took? Just a dash of inspiration and get up & go.

Stepped on the scale this morning and I am happy to report – I have shed the first ten pounds! “Just” 20 more to go and you know what? I am looking forward to the journey.

I had lost about six pounds and plateaued. I was very content and had even learned to love my new body. Yet I was still searching…searching for that spark to get me going again. In the search for inspiration and a little kick in the butt…serendipity led me to Alison Spath.

In the eager examination of her blog, I finally understood that for REAL results – you gotta count your calories.

Duh!!! Why are the most powerful solutions often the most simple ones?

To add fuel to my program of eating only whole,real foods and exercise – I started to count calories. Counting calories is so easy. I downloaded the Livestrong “My Plate” application onto my iPhone and anytime I eat something – I just (tap, tap, tap) log it into the app. No excuses.

It may seem tedious or like a chore, calorie counting, but it is not. It is actually very empowering and a lot of fun.

Not even two weeks of food journaling and calorie counting have passed and I have lost an additional four pounds. How is that for results?

Not only am I starting to see my pre-pregnancy body again, I am feeling really good. No longer do I feel like a tired, draggy mother but more like an inspired, energetic mommy! I am starting to see my energy levels (and zest for life) return to what they were in my early twenties.

So – in this moment – I choose to continue with these choices!!!

What are you choosing to do? Will it add life to your life? Spice to your life?

May the force be with you!



“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates


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