What’s in my grocery bag?

Do you ever find yourself in the checkout lane at the grocery store checking out other people’s carts? Try it sometime. I do – it’s a fun way to pass time and guess about a person by what is in their grocery cart.

After all, You are what You eat  :-).

For example today – there was a couple in front of me whose cart was filled with relatively healthy ready made meals (soups, hamburgers etc.) and some whole foods. The ratio was dominated by the ready made meals. My take on the couple: relatively healthy, busy professionals…focused…with little time (or desire) to cook. The young girl behind me had a whole chicken and a pint of strawberry ice cream. My take on that (in addition to the way she looked) is that she is single and eating emotionally. Of course these are just impressions…but I have to ask…what does what we see say about ourselves?

In a quick and fierce trip to the grocery store I picked up the following to fill up our refrigerator…


What can you deduce about me from what’s in my bag? 🙂

Here are the contents:

•    2 boxes of organic chick peas
•    1 eggplant
•    5 pears
•    4 organic apples
•    3 cans of canned salmon
•    1 bunch of broccoli
•    1 bunch of organic broccoli
•    2 bags of organic spinach
•    4 bananas
•    1 stalk of celery
•    2 boxes of vegetable soup
•    1 box lentils

Okay – so I am always looking for ways to improve what I eat…and looking over this list – there is a BIG sore thumb…I am almost embarrassed to admit it…

There is only one item here that has a “label” (list of ingredients)…it’s the soup. The soup lists sugar and aroma as ingredients….I am so bummed. I love soup!!! Guess I will have to make my own. I am excited and somewhat nervous…I mean, soup – it seems so daunting!

What a perfect time to realize this! I have been looking for ways to expand my real foods, whole foods eating repertoire…

There is opportunity everywhere…sometimes you just have to open your eyes.

What’s in your grocery bag? Anything you would like to change? 



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